So I was at my dad’s camp and I got a scooter so then I got on it and I went to the rose field  and there was one rose that was different it was transparent all of a sudden my dad calls me I was late for tubing I excitedly got my tub and went to the entrance to the river and got on my tub and went to the end of the ride on my tub and I had such a fun time so then it was time for dinner and for dinner it was steak and corn.

The guy at my door

When i looked up i couldn’t believe my eyes there was a guy at my door with a gun baning on my door yelling open the door but i had the door locked and i was hiding under my bed with my phone typing 911 as fast as i can and weyn that pick up i said plz hurry there is a guy at my house with a gun baning on my door and yelling opening up  and i am hiding under my bed with a gun and weyn the cops show up i hear it is okay to come out now he is getting arrested and it was all good

The haunted house

It is halloween  and i am going to a haunted house and it was all broke and it had a bunch of cobwebs and glass and it had a 🍫 stand  so I went to see if there was Eyny thing in it and when I looked there was a box so I opened it and there was a bunch of melted 🍫 so I shut the box and I explored the rest of it.

the pickel

One day i went down stares to get a pickel and it was empety what a surprise it is never emptey so i have to go buy more at the store and when i got to the store i got more and when i got home i oping it and thare is nothing in it so i throwe it at a rock and it broke

the viniger


I want to try vinegar and when i tasted it and it was too sharp and i did not like it so i spit it out and i said i did not like it so i did not smell or taste it ever a gen so i threw it out and i got in trouble for throwing it out

The Tune

I can’t wait to see all your musical pieces!Me to but then I watch it and it was completely out of tune and it was taribul and I did not like it so I made another one and it was much better and I liked it a lot more and it was done so I did not do it again.

the wodse

I had a pink bicycle and i had empty bubbles so i fired it and i got mad because my bicycle broke and i ran out of bubbles and i got stuck in a tree and got lost and got  out of the tree and ran strate to the water